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Terms & Conditions

We’re a small company with a simple mission. So instead of a long and complicated legal policy, there’s this short comprehensive list. If after reading this you have any further questions or concerns, please write to us directly using our contact form. 

By using our services and/or purchasing our product(s), you agree to abide by the policies outlined on this page. We reserve the right to chance any of them, at any time and without notice; this may be necessary due to local laws, new or altered products, or other situations. 

The policies on our website are always the ones that are most up-to-date. 

General Disclaimer

All information provided through our website and/or products is based on our own experiences and/or extensive research. The views and opinions we express through our products and/or content are ours and do not reflect those of any third parties we may be working with; we do not claim to speak in any official capacity for anyone else. 

Although we created our content, website and products with the utmost care and attention to detail we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our route or any information provided and things may have changed since we produced these. We’re keen to stress that you are responsible for your own trip and safety, and for resolving any issues that may occur during any trips undertaken on the basis of our product(s) or route. We’re not responsible for any physical harm, material damage, or other losses incurred as a result of our concept, route, product(s), content, or communication(s). 

Although we try to ensure a smooth experience, we cannot guarantee our website, product(s), and content will always be or remain available and/or uninterrupted, nor do we guarantee our website to be virus or bug-free. 

We reserve the right to make changes to our website, product(s), route, contents, etc. where we see fit at any time and without prior notice. Where we expect this will impact you, we will try to notify you through for instance social media, our website, or email. If you do not agree with the changes made, you should stop using our service(s) and/or product(s), including the route; your continued use will be interpreted as you agreeing to our (altered) terms and conditions. We cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences or losses of any kind, including financial, incurred as a result of changes to and/or discontinuation of our policies or products

Terms of use

Our product(s), route(s), content(s), website, etc. may only be used for lawful purposes. Using these for illicit activities (e.g. fraud, harm, violating local / national / international laws) is strictly forbidden. By using our product(s), website, route(s), and content(s) to plan your trip, you agree to adhere to (local) laws and regulations. You’re not allowed to add information to our (digital) products and/or services, including the route and website. Similarly, you may not use them in any way that interferes with their normal operations. You cannot scrape data from any of these products or services. 

Unless stated otherwise, we are the sole copyright holder or licensee of all intellectual property, materials, and images published through our website, social media, and product(s), and other outlets. This includes the full route as contained in our GPX track. You cannot use any of our content, including images, texts, and our route, for any purpose other than planning and driving your personal trips without our written permission. You cannot duplicate our content (including images, texts, and the route) or distribute them to anyone but your direct travel companions, and you may not use them for paid (guide) work or any other commercial purposes. Should you wish to collaborate, please contact us through our contact form. This copyright is protected by laws and treaties around the world. All rights reserved. 

Payments & Shipping 

We only accept digital payments, made upfront through our website. A variety of payment options are presented to you during checkout and these are the only ones we support. Please contact us if your preferred payment option isn’t yet included. 

We endeavour to ship as soon as possible after receiving your payment. Please note that this may take a few business days as we’re only a small company and we may be out doing research for (upcoming) projects. For up-to-date shipping costs and approximate shipping times, see our order page. Our standard courier is PostNL, who may transfer your purchase to other local postal services where necessary. We are not responsible for any delays or parcels that have gone missing, but will do our best to assist you should this happen. Note that you, as the customer, are responsible for paying any additional fees due to customs etc. should they apply.  

We do not offer any (partial) refunds or exchanges for any of our products. By purchasing any of our products, you indicate you’ve familiarised yourself with our product(s) and concept(s) before ordering. Please contact us if you have any questions about (any of) our product(s) or concept(s). If the product(s) you’ve ordered are faulty or damaged upon arrival, please let us know within 7 days of receiving the product(s) through our contact form. We reserve the right to cancel your order for any reason (e.g. if the product is incorrectly priced on our website or because of delays / cancellations outside our control). Should this happen, we’ll return you the full amount; you may have to order again. 

Privacy Policy 

We process information obtained about you only to provide you with the products and/or services you have purchased/use, and only after obtaining your prior consent or when we have a legitimate reason to do so (e.g. security, testing, maintenance, product / services improvement, research, reporting, analytics). Without your basic information, we’re unable to guarantee a functioning website and cannot ship to you. 

There are several ways in which we collect data about your visit(s) or purchase(s): 

1. Whenever you interact with our website and/or services (e.g. which pages you visit, what you click on, what device and browser you are using, log data, etc). 

2. When you buy our product(s). 

3. When you contact us (e.g. when asking for support, questions, suggestions, etc). 

Information collected may be directly personally identifiable information (e.g name, email address) or indirectly personally identifiable information (e.g. traffic data on our website). 

We will only ever use your contact details to communicate with you regarding your purchase or for replying to your enquiries. If you have any questions or concerns about how we handle your data or if you want us to erase all information we have about you, please contact us via our contact form. 

Information collected may be directly personally identifiable information (e.g. name, email address) or indirectly personally identifiable information( e.g. traffic data on our website).

We will only ever use your contact details to communicate with you regarding your purchase, or in replying to your enquiries. If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your data, or if you want us to erase all information we have about you, please reach out to us.

All payments are handled for us by Mollie. We do not store financial information such as credit card numbers. To run and update our website, we use WordPress. To record and fulfil orders, we use WooCommerce. Information provided while ordering is directly provided to these companies and they have their own privacy policies that govern how your data is processed by them. When you order through our website, you consent to us sharing your information with these fulfilment / shipping partners so that we can ensure the order gets to you. We don’t sell or pass on your data to other parties (unless they be a successor to our business or a company that works on our behalf) 

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