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Road trip toolkit

Exploration is what makes travel worthwhile. It’s idiosyncratic memories and experiences, not perfunctory photographs, that you’ll reminisce about for decades. But planning such a journey can be daunting – overwhelming even. That’s why we’ve distilled our 100-day escapade around Britain and Ireland into a straightforward three-step roadmap and complementary products, to help you plan the road trip of a lifetime.

In addition to this toolkit, we also provide you a digital handbook containing practical instructions and advice to help you stay on top of things.

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Step 1

Get Inspired

To start, determine which part of our route you want to explore. Pour yourself a dram – or brew yourself a cup of milky tea – and settle into a comfortable armchair to trail our extraordinary motoring expedition through our durable travelogue. We’ve curated some of our fondest memories, and captured them through engaging anecdotes, inspiring interviews, and captivating photographs taken en-route. From driving Britain’s steepest mountain road, to sampling oysters on the shores of Guernsey, to experiencing life on Britain’s most remote inhabited island, let our stories fuel your aspirations.



  • 224 sewn pages
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • 350gsm matte laminate cover
  • 140gsm inside pages
  • Printed on FSC paper in Amsterdam, NL
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Step 3

The Road

After all the planning, it’s time to hit the road. Sling your bags into the boot or strap them to the back of your vehicle. Put on a warm jumper and your driving gloves. Start the engine and load our lightweight GPX track to navigate offline. Our route is intricate and during our trip we got lost a few times. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, we scrutinised and then collated the route into a format that you can open (and customise) with an app or navigation device of your preference. That way, you can easily stay on track if you want to – and detour when you don’t.

Digital Route


  • 3.8mb
  • 17.500km
  • Allows offline navigation
  • Compatible with Google Maps, newer sat navs, and apps like OsmAnd / GPX Viewer
  • Does not include accommodation or stops
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“Inspired by the intrepid motoring pioneers of old, we took a custom – made Morgan 4/4 around Britain and Ireland. Over the course of 100 days, we charted an extraordinary motoring route. Along the way, we drove Britain’s steepest mountain road, sailed to Britain’s most remote inhabited island, and sampled fish ice-cream in a remote castle. Now, we’re making such experiences available to you.”

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