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Can I get a refund?

No. At this time, we’re unable to refund purchases. We request you familiarise yourself with our concept and products before ordering to avoid disappointments or misunderstandings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through email or instagram if you’ve got any questions. If the product(s) you’ve ordered arrive(s) in an unsatisfactory condition, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Do you ship to my country?

For the time being, we only ship to a limited range of countries, including those in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We endeavour to ship worldwide in the future, but cannot give any estimates. During checkout you will be able to determine whether or not we ship to your country.

How long will it take for the parcel to arrive?

Our digital products (the handbook and the GPX track) can be retrieved digitally through our website for free, and are accessible as soon as you download them. The map and travelogue are both sent via standard mail. Within Europe, please allow for two weeks for your parcel to arrive before contacting us. Outside Europe (including the United Kingdom), this may take up to a month.

What is the Longest Road Out?

The Longest Road Out is a route and concept based on a decade of experience and our own 100-day road trip around the UK and Ireland. After we’d completed our journey, we distilled it into a straightforward three-step roadmap to help you plan your own trip. Inspired by the expeditions of motoring pioneers, it encourages idiosyncratic adventures, steering inquisitive travellers toward unforgettable memories.

Why are there no destinations or stops on the route?

We found that the most profound memories of our 100-day journey are idiosyncratic; driving Britain’s steepest mountain road in the pouring rain, having dinner with a crofter on the archipelago’s most remote inhabited island, and sampling fish ice-cream at a remote castle. Nonpareil experiences are more significant than overcrowded landmarks. So, we’ve developed a concept that facilitates exploration: we provide a route along which inquisitive travellers are sure to find many superb places to visit, sleep, and eat, and a comprehensive three-step roadmap to help them plan their trips – and make their own personal memories.

Why did you drive the longest road out in a Morgan?

Even though you could drive The Longest Road Out in any car, what you drive is an important part of your experience. We simply couldn’t think of a better car to drive Britain and Ireland’s windy single-track roads. On the one hand, Morgans are raw and basic; you’re close to the road and to the world around you. One the other they’re alluring and real head-turners; you truly feel very refined driving them. It’s a stellar combination. And besides, even though they have the look and feel of an old-time motor car due to their wooden frame and hand-rolled aluminium body, under the bonnet you’ll find reliable modern tech. This is our honest opinion: if you can, drive a Morgan.

Are you connected to any official tourist organisation?

We’re not being paid by anyone to promote certain places or businesses as we believe that doing so would compromise the integrity of our concept. Where we do work with other organisations (e.g. the Morgan Motor Company or the artisans we visited during our journey), we pursue an equal partnership where we’re not in any way indebted to them. We may collaborate with tourist organisations in the future, but only on that basis. If you want to work together, don’t hesitate to contact us through Instagram or email.

Can you plan my trip for me?

No. Through the Longest Road Out, we provide you tools to plan your own road trip of a lifetime. We believe that it is important for you to plan your own journey, so that your experiences and memories are authentic and personal. Of course, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Should you require further help, we may be able to schedule a paid planning session – so don’t hesitate to contact us through Instagram or email.

Am I meant to drive the whole route in one go?

You’re welcome to try, but unless you have half a year we recommend you drive it piecemeal; we spent 100 days on the road, but even that wasn’t nearly enough! On our route map, we’ve indicated the distance (we think) you should drive each day to help you decide how much time you need, or how far your PTO will take you.

How do I go about planning my own trip?

Our comprehensive three-step roadmap makes planning your own trip quite straightforward. First, you determine which part of our route suits your preferences best – read our travelogue for inspiration. After, you draw up an itinerary and book things like transport, accommodation, and ferries. Our map will help you stay on top of things. Then, just open our GPX track with whichever app or navigation system you prefer and hit the road to drive the road trip of a lifetime. Consult our complimentary handbook for detailed advice.

Can I drive the route in a campervan?

If you’re an experienced driver, you should be able to drive it in a small (converted) van. However, we strongly request you don’t bring a full-fledged motorhome or campervan. Britain and Ireland’s backroads are extraordinarily narrow and the route includes several devilishly steep mountain passes. Not only is it likely that you’ll get in trouble, but you’ll also surely inconvenience other (local) drivers as you’ll often be taking up most of the width of the road with your vehicle. As an alternative, consider wild camping instead – read the second chapter of our handbook.

Will my children also enjoy this road trip?

We think so. Our concept favours driving slow and stopping often, so you and your children should have ample time and opportunities to explore Britain and Ireland’s beaches, castles, and other points of interest along the way. Even though parts of the route are remote, there are usually basic amenities within hours. To ensure your whole family will enjoy the trip (and for some quality time), we suggest you plan it together: unfold the map onto your kitchen table (don’t forget tea and biscuits) and, together with your children, look up and write down places and activities to add to your itinerary.

I am an inexperienced driver. Can I still drive this route?

Yes, but do make sure to read the last chapter of our handbook and allow for some time to get used to driving on single-track roads. Some parts of the route are more suitable for novice drivers than others, and there are several tough mountain passes which you may wish to detour around. If you’re not sure, just contact us through Instagram or email so we can advise you.

I’ve found something amiss / have a suggestion.

Whatever it is, we’re always keen to consider feedback and make our concept, products, and website better. So, don’t hesitate to contact us through Instagram or email talk@longestroadout.com.